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The purpose of this Association of Car Enthusiasts (ACE) website is to provide a platform where all vehicle based legislative issues can be readily accessed and to provide a rallying point for all interested parties. In the past it has been an uphill struggle to get the information out to all the clubs, forums and magazines in a short and concise form when you really need to know the background to the issues to understand the fully implications. Hopefully the information provided here will provide the necessary history and go some way to explain possible implications of legislation as it arises.

The ACE came into being in late 2004 in response to a consultation document issued by the DVLA which raised doubts over the future of modified cars and also over the rebuilding of classic cars. Many of the issues had already been addressed by the reply issued joint by the National Street Rod Association (NSRA) and the National Association of Street Clubs (NASC) :-

However the results of the consultation meant that the threat still lay in the background and a proactive organisation was needed to represent the views of ALL car modifiers and enthusiasts. It also needed to keep an eye on all proposed legislation that could affect the use of modified or classic cars in general. ACE currently has a voice on the DVLA consultation list and is currently looking at being represented on the VOSA list.
You may of come here after seeing posts on other websites and forum, you’re probably looking for facts and good advice. Use the site to find out the facts, but if all else fails contact us.

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Smoke gets in your eyes

Yes, that’s right, we are still here. ACE didn’t disappear in a puff of smoke from the gun flash of Armageddon.

In fact ACE has been working very hard behind the scenes watching what has been going on with proceedings at the EU, alas we almost fell asleep in the process whilst watching democracy at work. The good news is next door’s dog woke ACE up before face planting a bowl of ice cream on the kitchen counter (it was very nice ice cream unlike the monotone EU details) not to worry, we are awake and having wiped our face we are ready to get on with it.