Rebodying – A clarification

There are some kits that are manufactured to fit already registered chassied vehicles and others are creating hybrids with the (almost) complete mechanicals from one vehicle with a different body fitted.

As the basic component identity of the vehicle does not change, per DVLA rules , they would not lose their ‘right to registration’ and therefore would not require SVA /BIVA.

In order to be allowable as re-bodied, however, they must still comply with the 8 point system.

DVLA Points scheme

This shows that it is allowable to also alter the engine and transmission, or other components, providing 8 points is still achievable, and still retain the original registration.

Once the vehicle has been accepted by DVLA following an inspection, it will require a different V5C description to reflect its new appearance. It is not allowable to use copyrighted names.

Following on from the recent Press Statement from DVLA andVOSA.

Modified chassis / monocoque

ACE has further clarified how these vehicles must be assembled to allow registration under the regulations.

The Press Statement states that it is allowable to strengthen the chassis and add cross members within the parameters of the existing chassis structure, providing original cross members are not removed or altered.

It is not acceptable to weld additional structures to the external dimensions, other than body mounts which are expected to be o fsimilar construction and/or size as used by OEM manufacturers.

These normally take the form of angled and braced uprights welded to the structure.

To establish what would be classed as the chassis, the manufacturers archives would be used and any proposed modifications to items considered by the modifier to be ‘extraneous’ should be discussed with VOSA tech before modification takes place,

For instance, if it is believed that welded parts of the chassis are only there to support the body, fuel tank etc this should be clarified as an acceptable modification before removal.

In most cases it is unlikely their removal will be allowed especially if they are of a substantive construction.

It is NOT allowable to shorten the main chassis construction in any way ,even past suspension mounting areas ,for example, ‘Bobtailing’ of Land Rovers.

Both of these modifications would lead to the loss of the chassis ‘Identity’ and, therefore, it’s 5 points.

Primarily, the replacement body should be modified to fit the chassis structure rather than the other way round.

If additional floor supports are required, for example, these should form part of the body and bolt to bodymounts, of the type mentioned above, on the chassis.