Stricter MOT test from 2012

Starting in January 2012 a new stricter MOT will be introduced as the EU brings in a minimum standard of vehicle testing across all member States.

The VOSA internal newsletter Matters Of Testing contains an interesting piece on the future.

A few things stand out.

Britain has been testing vehicles under the MOT scheme for 50 years now.

Last year, the European Directive covering the MOT test was updated and revised by a modern version called 2009/40/ EC.

This was then updated by 2010/48/EU, which was ratified on 5 July this year

The changes bring the requirements for car and commercial tests closer together with approximately 50 new testable items to be added.

VOSA are currently working with MOT testers to try to ensure that the new test is cost neutral, in other words no fee increase. Also they are working with testers to find the most efficient way of checking the new items.

Implications for modified vehicles

New areas specifically affecting modified cars include:

HID headlamps and bulb incompatibility,

Tinted windows

Wiring condition and, possibly of greater concern

Mudguards(wings), spray suppression devices.

Visual inspection

(a)Missing,loose or badly corroded

(b)Insufficient clearance to road wheel

(c) Not inaccordance with the requirements.

Engine performance:

(a) Control unit illegally modified.

(b) Illegal engine modifications.

Currently we do not have a list of illegal engine tuning parts in this country but the EC is looking at restrictions across the board, particularly as OEM are pressing against tuning of their ECU software, maintaining that it is their property, regardless of the vehicles sale.

We previously reported on the German take on chip tuning

Chip Tuning restrictions

Obviouslyany ban on tuning would negatively affect not only our hobby but also a vast range of aftermarket suppliers who still seem to be ignoring the possible consequences of any new legislation.

After liasingwith ETO (European Tuners Organisation) there is every possibility that any initial laws will be aimed at cars which use an ‘Emissions’ based tax system.

As the system is based also on economy it may be that wider wheels,increasing rolling resistance and other mods that affect weight or aerodynamics fall foul of the regulations

We need to raise awareness of this legislation, so please ask any supplier you speak with if they are aware of the issue and what action they are taking.

Links to the EU Directives