French Doors for a Small Conservatory

Modern uPVC & hardwood French doors can definitely add style and character to a small conservatory, combining excellent functionality with security and energy efficiency; and they can be used to great effect inside the home as room dividers or even windows – like a Juliet balcony for example.

French Patio Doors

All the very latest security and energy savings features can be built in to modern French doors, such as multi-point locks, anti-tamper locks which are bump & snap proof.

Window panes can be double or triple glazed using thermally efficient metal oxide glass known as ‘low-e’ or low emissivity glass – you can even go to the extent of having ‘warm edge’ spacers which are the things which hold the twin panes of glass apart in a double glazed unit- they reduce heat transfer from one side of the glass to the other.

The reason they work well with a small conservatory is that most French door open outwards, (but you can select to have them installed to open in) and therefore do not interfere with the internal space, however, it’s completely up to you.

uPVC French doors also come in a range of colours & even wood grain finishes.

Small Conservatory French Patio Doors
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